19: Want To Make Your Grass Greener?

Aug 29th, 2017

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19: Want To Make Your Grass Greener?

You know the old saying:

“The Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”

It’s true and there’s a reason for that Habit Hacker.

The person on the other side of the fence is looking after their grass better than you are.

The same goes for those who are getting the results that you want from their workouts.

They are not lucky.

They don’t better genetics than you.

They don’t have more time.

What they have is a process that they keep doing every day and they keep doing it consistently every day to get the results that they want.

“The Grass is Greener Where You Water It”

The same way that you get the results you want when you adopt healthier Micro Habits and You Keep Watering them every day.

You keep doing your Micro Workouts when you say you are going to do them.

You keep getting your Micro Sleep every night.

You eat and drink better every day and you keep doing this consistently to become Leaner and Stronger for Life!

When it comes to you changing how you look and feel you can.

But only if you really want to and only you can do it for you.

Life is all about choices and you make most of your everyday choices by habit without even thinking.

From the moment that you wake to the moment that you go to bed you make thousands of choices automatically, by Habit, every day.

If those Micro Habits (choices) are impacting how you look and feel right now then you need to your Micro Habits to look and feel the way you really want to.

Taking Small Steps every day is the best way for you to adopt new and better Micro Habits for yourself.

Your regular workouts will help you feel great and more focused in other areas of your life.

Most people just see a workout as a way of burning calories so that they can then go and eat crap again.

If you want to get better results from your training then you need to start adopting and linking together better Micro Habits.

Get your Micro Workout Habit going first – 3 sessions a week minimum.

Add to that your better Micro Sleep Habit of 8 regular hours every night and you are on the right track now.

You are then ready to start working on adopting your better Micro Food Habit to fuel your body in the right way to perform better and utilize Fat as your major fuel source.

Those people you see on Flakebook and Instagram with their great body’s, they are not looking over the fence at other people’s grass.

They are just focusing on their own grass every day and making sure that they water it in the right way to keep it nice and green.

You only get results when you start doing what you need to do, so many people waste so much time wishing and dreaming instead of getting started.

It won’t be perfect at first, it won’t be easy either, but the longer you leave it the tougher it will get for you.

When you keep taking Small Steps thing s will gradually start to change for you.

How could you look and feel 30 days from now?

Most people will look and feel the same.

When it comes to moving forward the hardest part is to get the wheels turning.

Once you start them turning you then need to keep your momentum moving forward.

You can do this through adopting better Micro Habits that will help you take those Small Steps every day.

Most people never get past the dreaming and planning stage

Don’t be most people, be you have an exciting opportunity ahead of you which you can use to change how you look and feel.

Star with your Micro Workout Habit and your Micro Sleep Habit first and get them right and then we’ll give you a heads up on your Micro Food Habit.

We’ll be giving you it all in our next Blog Habit Hacker.

One Small Step at a Time.

Eaton and Lucy.