20: Are You The One?

Aug 30th, 2017

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20: Are You The One?

We’re now on blog No:20, how time flies when your having fun and all that.

In our efforts to help you adopt better Micro Habits to become Leaner and Stronger.

Have you done anything for yourself so far to Change How You Look and Feel?

Are you the one who is putting this into action for yourself Habit Hacker?

You have a choice.

You can keep on doing the same thing and getting the same result.


You can Start Changing what you do to Change How You Look and Feel!

This Micro Habit Blog can help you if you use it and put this stuff into action.

It’s never too late to get started or if you didn’t join us from the start then then either way it’s time for a quick catch up and to go over the story so far…

How could you look and feel 30 days from now if you started doing what you needed to do today?

1: How you look and feel right now is the result of your daily actions, your Micro Habits.

You cannot change how you look and feel if you do not change what you do!


2: This is how your Micro Habits really can work for you. By starting with one small daily micro habit you can then gradually connect other micro habits to it so that you gradually connect the dots to change without becoming overwhelmed.


3: How you can change your Micro Habits to work for you – The Habit Loop starting with a Trigger, followed by a Routine that results in a Reward.


4: Your Micro Workout Habit and the two big mistakes that people make when it comes to doing exercise and why they always fail.


5: Why goals do not work and how to create a daily process for yourself that will help you Change How You Look and Feel For Life!


6: It all starts with you Micro Workout Habit and what you do in your training Habit Hacker.

Don’t worry about your results, they will become a natural side effect from what you do as you add other Micro Habits into your daily life.


7: If you really want to change shape and get Leaner and Stronger then you need to change your workout and start working your body more effectively.


8: Exercise is not the solution to you shedding unwanted fat and pounds your Micro Workout Habit is one part of the process that is the solution to you becoming Leaner and Stronger.


9: How we do it in our lives to become and stay Leaner and Stronger for life.


10: When it comes to your Weight Loss, Inch Loss, Health, Fitness and Daily Performance the amount of sleep that you are get right now is impacting massively upon your results.


11: If we can do it then so can you, One Small Step At A Time.


12: The Cortisol Effect that is wrecking your results!


13: Transform how you look and feel in your sleep and stop yourself getting a “DDE”


14: The big difference between Wanting and Doing and how you do it Back to Front to get the results you really want.


15: Have you got the “3P’s”?


16: Do You have any of these Mental Toughness traits?


17: The “Micro Compound Effect” How one good Micro Habit can lead you automatically to your next good Micro Habit.


18: Can you do it the same way every day to get what you really want?


19: How could you look and feel 30 days from now if you started doing what you needed to do today?


20: Everything so far….

To look through from 1 – 20 Habit Hacker all you need to do is hit this link below and scroll through the list.


You now have your Micro Workout and Micro Sleep Habits coming into place for you now and next time we will start looking at your Micro Food Habit which will not be what you think it is, especially if you want to shed some pounds.

Keep working on your Micro Habits

One Small Step at a Time.

Eaton and Lucy.