20 Miles Every Day?

Feb 3rd, 2017

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20 Miles Every Day?

In -44 degrees, surrounded by ice and battered by blizzards

Sounds kinda crazy doesn’t it


If you really want to get Leaner and Stronger in 2017 then you may have to, unless you’ve already given up?

Are you still on track?

To reach your goals, the ones you set yourself on the 1st Jan, to finally get the results that you really want.

We only ask because we know how tough it is for you and the odds are stacked against you as research indicates that 88% of people who make New Year’s resolutions fail (study done in 2007 by British psychologist Richard Wiseman).

They give up far too soon, just before they start feeling benefits of their efforts.

That’s a real bummer rite

Although the good news is that 12% succeed and you can be one of them, one of those leaping Salmon who make it up stream to the spawning grounds of success this year.

The thing that usually throws a big fat juicy spanner in the works you is not your goals of better health, fitness and weight loss, there kinda cool


You don’t have a plan to follow every day that will enable you to actually reach your goal.

You also don’t allow yourself enough time to do it either

I know you’ve heard this a thousand times before, but it’s the truth

“If you fail to plan then you plan to fail”

If you want to get from A to B on a journey you find your route and get the Google maps dude keep you on the right road and get you there. The cool thing is that you keep on the right path until you reach your destination and you know how long it will take you to get there

You stick with it all the way.

Becoming Leaner and Stronger requires a similar logic to get you there.

A typical journey can be:

Start from point A – You wake up one day, kinda pissed about how you look and feel and wanting to change that feeling.

You want to get to point as quick as possible B and feel a more energized, motivated, leaner, stronger you who loves how you look and feel every day.

Every where you look online you are told that this can be achieved over night and it’s easy.

The real truth and reality of the matter is that they won’t and its not.

This doesn’t mean you can’t it just means that you need to be consistent in what you do for a long term.

You’ll need a plan (your route) and to appreciate that it will take longer than a week or month to get there.

Just keep doing the right things every day, one day at a time.

Eating the fresh food and less crap everyday and doing the right strength/cardio HIIT training at least 3 times a week.

Put in your 20 miles a day, everyday, good or bad.

Why 20 miles everyday?

‘In the book “Great by Choice” the author Jim Collins shares the story of the two famous explorers, Amundsen and Scott, who led separate teams on an expedition race to the South Pole in 1911.


The return journey was roughly 1,400 miles (A bit more than going from Lands end to John o’ Groats and back by road).


Whilst both teams were traveling the same distance through extremely harsh weather conditions, they each took a entirely different approach to how they would make their journey.


Scott’s team decided to walk as far as possible on the good weather days and then rest up on bad weather days to recover energy.


Amundsen’s team adhered to a strict regimen of consistent progress by walking 20 miles every day no matter what the weather.


They could have gone further on good days but Amundsen was adamant that they walk no more than 20 miles each day to maintain focus and conserve energy.

Who succeeded?

Those who took consistent daily action everyday…

They had a daily plan and stuck to it, everyday, 20 miles at a time and they got there.

The same goes for you if you want to get Leaner and Stronger in 2017.

Just Do your “20 miles every day” good and bad, no excuses.

Every day, week, month and quarter it’s down to you and you can do it!

If you get lost one day, you just get back on it the next and move on.

We’ve got all your training nailed for you at Action Boot Camp, all you have to do is make sure you turn up and do 2/3 sessions a week consistently and then work on your food at home.

This is how you can get Leaner and Stronger in 2017.

With your food just try and filter out the processed, sugary carbs and introduce more fresh meats and veg to your plate each day.

We’ve got your workouts covered every week, it’s what we specialise in for you, so if you want to come and give us a go in Feb then just email right now to get your first month half price and get started right away: info@actionbootcamp.co.uk

For you guys already with us who need a few food heads up just ask us about it after your next session.

Keep taking your little steps every day and you will reach your end goal…

Eaton and Lucy