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About Us

Action Boot Camp is definitely NOT LIKE ALL THE OTHER BOOT CAMPS – don’t worry we won’t make you run, we work out at YOUR level, you are part of a team but we work on you as an individual.


We are way more than just an outdoor fitness club. Yes, In six months you will see changes to your body shape, yes your fitness levels will go up but you will be working out with loads of great new friends and having so much fun you will never look back.


We are THE outdoor fitness experts in Nottingham and we work mainly with your own body weight.
We have over 150 cadets aged from 18 to 60 – men and women of all shapes and sizes – from beginners to those who’ve been away for a while to marathon runners.


So what can you expect from training with ABC?

  • • Put a positive feeling back into your workout and your life
  • • Every session is a different – we NEVER repeat a workout so you never get bored.
  • • Lose weight, look great and get the body you want
  •   We specialise in kettlebell training which will sculpt your body and rip the fat out like no gym machine will ever do
  • • You will smile and laugh with cadets as you’re working out
  • • You will be motivated to push yourself a little bit harder making sure we get you the body you want.
  • • You might be part of a large group but all of our cadets are individuals to us (we even give them nicknames)
  • • You will get personal instruction on your techniques to get the best from your workout
  • • Do you want to lose £’s on exercise that doesn’t work or 1lbs by joining us.


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There are NO MEMBERSHIP FEES or long-term contracts. We don’t need to tie you into a deal we let you decide how long you want to train with us.
We’re based at West Bridgford in Nottingham, and Arnott Hill Park in Arnold.



Other Services

The Titanium Project – Personal Training.

Tribe – Small Group Training.


Kit List

• A good pair of trainers suitable for running in.
• Layers so you can strip off if you get hot
• If you are a lady a good supporting sport’s bra.
• Don’t forget your water bottle.