21: Are You Doing What They Do?

Sep 4th, 2017

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21: Are You Doing What They Do?

When it comes to you getting the results you really want Habit Hacker then your Micro Food Habit is where everything always hits the fan.

When it comes to Food – Eating and Drinking to get a Leaner Stronger body your Micro Food Habit is where 80% of your results will come from: FACT

And this will only happen when you have sorted out:

A: Your Micro Workout Habit so that you now Workout 3-5 times a week.

B: Your Micro Sleep Habit so you get 8 hours every night and have reduced stress levels.

A sedentary, stressed body is the perfect vessel for storing FAT

When it comes to Healthy eating and Weight Loss everyone has the solution for you and yet more people are overweight and obese now than ever before in the history of mankind.

Health eating can be very Simple but like Exercise it has been made Complicated.

Everyone has an opinion.

Everyone is right.

Everyone has the miracle diet you need.

Yet, everyone is not getting the result they really want long term.

The simple reason for this is that you already know what you should be eating and drinking to be Leaner and Stronger and stop piling on the pounds

But you just cannot be bothered to do what you need to do or when you do try you don’t do it long enough to see the results that you want.

There is a severe lack of will power and staying power that allows you to continually revert to your old ways. Those old Micro Habits that make you look and feel how you are right now.

If this wasn’t the case, you wouldn’t be reading this Habit Hacker.

The only way that you can change how you look and feel is by adopting and creating new and better Micro Habits for yourself long term.

Micro Habits that you can do each day that do not over whelm you.

Micro Habits that you can adopt that become automated habits for your life.

Not wasting your time and cash on quick fix transformations or restrictive diets that you do for 30 days, lose a few pounds and then go back to your old habits and then pile it all back on with interest again.

The few that get results are the few who keep on doing what they need to do every day consistently.

They keep on doing it because they make it their new healthier Micro habit.

The truth is, if you’re not happy about how you look and feel right now.

Whatever blame, excuses or reasons you may have for your situation.

The fact is that the fault lies with you and the sooner you accept your responsibility, the sooner you can start moving forward with some better Micro Habits that you can adopt that will address your situation.

Start taking Small Steps towards becoming Leaner and Stronger You.

You only get results when you do!

You only get different results when you change what you do!

You only keep getting results when you keep on doing!

Only when you start to act will you start to feel good about what you are doing.

When it comes to fitness and healthy weight loss or weight gain virtually any healthy diet will work for you.

The key to it working for you is for you to keep on doing it long enough.

Every day without fail is what it takes.

The way for you to be able to do something long term is for that something to become an automated Micro Habit that you can do every day.

Our daily Micro Habits work for us, that is why we look and feel the way we do and why we know they can work for you.

What you eat every day can continue to make you look and feel worse each day.


You can change what you eat to start changing how you look and feel when you adopt a better Micro Food Habit.

If you are ready to do so Habit Hacker then check out the next blog to find out the biggest mistake you are making right now with your weight loss.

One Small Step At A Time

Eaton and Lucy.