Action Boot Camp – West Bridgford Park

Your Most FAQ’s

Do you do pay as you go sessions?

We do not do pay as you go because we value your training results more than anything else.

If you are serious about getting Leaner and Stronger then you need to invest your time and money that will get you the Results You Really Want and being consistent each week in your training.

Just training with us now and again when you feel like it will get you nowhere:

1 x Training Session Per Week = Zero Results

2 x Training Sessions Per Week = Body maintenance, You just stay where you are, No Change

3 x Training Sessions Per Week = You can get Great Results to Change How You Look and Feel.

Can I come for a free session?

We do not offer free sessions as it takes more than just one session to understand the variety of workouts that we offer. We are experts at designing fun and challenging workouts for all fitness levels using your body and a wide range of equipment.

In over 5 years we have never repeated a workout so that you can get the best results possible and always enjoy each session that you do with us. You can get your first month 1/2 price with us with no obligations to stay using the email link at the bottom of this page.

How much does it cost to join?

Only £39.97 per month, with no contracts or minimum terms. You just sign up to pay monthly for unlimited sessions and join us in the park. This works out at only £3.33 per session when You Do 3 sessions a week.


Join on our Annual Package for just £399.70 and get two months worth of training with us FREE 

Do you do sessions near me?

We do all of our outdoor fitness sessions at West bridgford Park in West Bridgford only NG2 6AP.

Do I need to be fit to train with you?

We train all fitness levels, shape, ages and sizes. You don’t have to be fit to train outside with us; we can help you get fitter and achieve your results whilst having a great time training with friends.

What do I need to wear?

Any fitness clothing that you feel comfortable in to suit the weather and that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty sometimes; make sure you bring some water with you!

Do you train in the rain?

We specialise in outdoor fitness training and we’ve been doing it for the past 5 years all year round in all weather conditions. You just dress to suit the weather and we design each workout for you to suit the conditions. Some of our best sessions have been in the rain, it can be very invigorating and fun.

How do I get started?

Just click on one of the package buttons below Monthly or Annual. They will take you to a Paypal sign up page, don’t worry you don’t need to be a Paypal member to sign up you just enter your card details as instructed. Your payment comes out each month on the day that you join us and you can cancel at anytime you want to..

If you are a new member and want to try us out to see if you like what we do then you can get your first month Half Price. Just email us using this link below and we will send you your first Month Try Out Link:



No hidden minimum term contracts just straight forward Fun,  Fitness and Fresh Air



Terms and conditions: ABC does not issue refunds , we do not tie you into any minimum term contracts when you sign up to a training package so you can join and leave as you please.
Your package price will always stay at the same price as when you sign up with us.
We never increase the package prices of existing members.
You can cancel your payments to ABC at any time and then rejoin at a later date, your package price may increase if you do this.
We do not hold sessions on Bank Holidays and we will also will have shutdown weeks for annual leave and holidays. Your monthly package price with us is based upon us providing you with the opportunity to train with us for a minimum of 42 weeks per year.
IMPORTANT: If you do cancel your training package with us it is your responsibility to cancel either your direct debit payment or Paypal subscription immediately to avoid your own inconvenience with regards to over payments, this is your responsibility and you will be notified via Paypal when your monthly payment to us leaves your account every month, please keep a check on your payments as we do not refund over payments.