All Work(out) and No Pla(t)e?

Dec 15th, 2016

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All Work(out) and No Pla(t)e?

Working hard in your training in the Park and yet still not getting the results you want from all your effort?

Another year just passed you by and you didn’t get the results you promised yourself in January?

Will it be different in 2017?

Not if you keep on putting the same stuff on your plate and in your glass!

Maybe it’s finally time that you started putting more effort into your plate and start filling it with the essential do’s and don’ts required for the Leaner, Stronger body that You Really Want!

You can do as many boot camps as you like working every session to your max — but if you’re not eating right, your body shape and weight loss will never reach its full potential.

The biggest mistake you make is starving yourself of the right food/fuel and enough calories.

“This causes your body to suppress your calorie-burning potential.” 

If you eat the right meals you can go without topping up on crap food for more than three hours and burn calories efficiently every day!!

If you are serious about changing your shape and feeling great, then you need to factor-in some serious fridge focus and put more effort into your plate.

And yes, Christmas can be the best, healthiest time ever with great healthy food if you have a bit more discipline to make the most of your Boot Camp training.

Waiting for the New Year is a recipe for a miserable start to 2017, because weight easily gained is ten times harder to shift and nobody wants a big “Anus Horriblus” in 2017


ABC – Don’ts

# Eat like a Queen every morning, a Princess every afternoon and a Pauper every evening.

# Eat three healthy meals a day and snack cleaner to keep your blood-sugar level steady plus drink 2-3 litres of water every day. Lay off the booze and fizzy drinks they are your worst enemy in regards to your body shape. What’s more important to you? Getting pissed or getting Leaner and Stronger?

# Your Meals should be packed with plenty of natural healthy Fats and Protein from fresh lean red meat, fish, chicken, turkey, eggs, milk, nuts and plenty of nutrients and fiber from fresh fruit and veg. You use 20% to 30% more energy to digest protein and fat than carbohydrates which contain hidden sugars that store as Fat within you.

# Do not go hungry or count calories otherwise your metabolism will slow down to preserve energy, suppressing your calorie-burning capacity and holding onto fat. If you eat healthy fat your body will become a fat burning furnace. Eat healthy snacks such as a few nuts or some veg. Too much fruit is sugar you don’t need if trying to lose weight.

# Don’t eat Low Fat No Fat food, fast food, takeaways, fizzy drinks, ready made meals, bread, pasta, cereal, wheat, rice etc. most are packed with hidden sugars and the rest will bloat your body through internal inflammation in your intestines. Fat around the middle is caused by excess sugar from carbs and stress from lack of sleep.

# Don’t eat after 8pm and always get 8 hours minimum sleep every night. Turn off your TV, Laptop and Smart Phone an hour before bed so you can relax better. Tiredness and stress release the hormone cortisol which will makes you fatter and ill and effects your daily performance.


ABC – Do’s

#Eat five portions of fruit & vegetables daily, if you want to lose weight then aim more for the veg than the fruit (4-1) as there is a load of hidden sugar in your fruit and sugar is what is what is stopping you from getting Leaner and Stronger right now, it makes you fat.

#Get up earlier and always have a healthy, slow burner carb/protein breakfast every morning go for natural porridge oats with full fat milk or unsweetened almond milk or if you have the time scrambled/poached eggs with bacon or smoked salmon.

#Snack on a handful of natural nuts and dried fruit throughout the day but minimize your intake of the dried fruits as they are packed with sugar. Munch on some celery or carrot sticks and avoid the sugar trap of too much fruit, smoothies and crap from the coffee shop. Lose the sauces (more sugar): use extra-virgin olive oil, sesame oil, lemon juice, wine vinegars to flavour your food.

#Get enough healthy fats each week through fresh meat and fish, olive oil, real butter and cheese, mixed nuts and seeds and nutrients and fibre and carbs from your fruit and veg – eat loads of greens: broccoli, kale, spinach, green beans and cabbage and salad stuff in the Summer. Dump the rice, quinoa, wholemeal and all grains as your body cannot digest it, they cause internal inflammation

#Eat a balanced healthy diet that includes meat and veg, going vegetarian is not a healthy choice and a diet without meat is not a healthy weight loss option for most it is a personal ethical choice. Plant proteins are third world quality proteins that lack nutritional value and reduce your energy and energy burning capabilities.

#Do this because of you and how you want to look and feel. Yes it is tough with kids but you will be doing them a big favour too by dumping all the crap from their diet and getting rid of Crisps, sweets, chocolate, jam, pasta, rice, bread, fast food, takeaways and soft drinks.


Yeh it takes some effort, but do this for 30 days and then see how you look and feel when you combine a great diet with your great boot camp training.

Work hard in the park with us and work even harder on your plate at home!!

Your Great Food Day is:

7am: Porridge with banana and raisins, washed down with a coffee or tea.

7am – 1pm: Sipping through a litre of water. Snack if needed

1pm: Chicken breast or Salmon with broccoli, cauliflower (loads of veg).

1pm – 5pm: Sipping through another litre of water/ a coffee or tea/ Snack if needed

5pm: Grilled fish or Steak with broccoli, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower (loads of veg).

5pm – 10pm: Sipping through another litre of water/ Snack if needed


Eat well 3 times a day with plenty of Fat, Protein and veg so that you don’t starve. If you do feel the need to have a snack between meals have some carrot sticks or celery handy, a few fresh nuts or one piece of fruit.


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Eaton and Lucy